Boutique Hotel 4*

A boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, offering 152 stylish rooms.

The results:

Google Ads Spending decreased by
Website Conversion Rate

The challenge:

Development of a revenue-growing marketing strategy that would reduce reliance on OTA channels and generate more bookings through the official website of the hotel. We agreed to focus on website conversion rate optimisation, on finding ways for increasing direct bookings from historical data insights and on ad spending optimisation.

How we solved the challenge:

  • After careful investigation of historical website data, we found out that majority of visitors, which had finished a reservation, arrived from Germany, but the website didn’t have a German language version. We added pages in German on the website to meet german-speaking visitors' expectations and make their reservation process smoothie.

  • FAQ page was created to give visitors answers to the most common questions and improve the hotel’s website SEO ranking.

  • We optimised the current Google Ads paid search strategy and develop a new one, including retargeting and media awareness campaigns for increasing the direct bookings funnel.

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